Shampoos without sulfates: pros and cons for those who love

Aveeno shampoo sulfate free is a brand which a proven and authentic brand that is cheaper if you are looking to get sulfates because you can buy their products at any pharmacy or Amazon. This option is economical, safe for colored hair, and raises all the impurities that accumulate on your locks without stripping them. The added algae extract a natural advantage.<

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How dry your hair correctly

Want to straighten hair but do not know what kind of iron you need? Flat curling wand or another one? Which one to choose? I understand perfectly. And so we have made a selection of the best curling irons according to your hair type and styling possibilities they offer. Keep reading!

If your hair has a lot of sizes, curling Dry Bar (169.27 €) with rotating handle will make it much easier to define your curls.

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