Anti-dandruff remedies: the right products against dandruff

Anti-dandruff remedies: the right products against dandruff

The white flakes that we find in the hair or – worse – on the dark clothes cause not a little embarrassment.

The skin is affected by anomalous desquamation due to the early death of superficial skin cells, which are subjected to a rapid and exaggerated replacement.

It is, in fact, normal for the top layer of the scalp (like all the skin on our body) to renew itself.

Usually, this spare part, which is normally invisible, in the case of anomalies becomes annoyingly evident.

Dandruff, in addition to aesthetic discomfort, is often accompanied by itching and discomfort. The irritation in the most serious cases can become chronic.

This anomaly often creates a vicious circle that is very difficult to break apart from using specific products with continuity.

Let’s look at some rules to choose the best anti-dandruff remedies.

The causes of dandruff

As always, in the case of skin abnormalities, there is no single cause.

Certainly, an important role among the causes of dandruff is played by hormones.

It is no coincidence that dandruff particularly affects boys in the age of development. However, some people have it for life.

Stress conditions worsen the incidence, while there may be periods of remission.

Regardless of the causes, however, there are elements that make dandruff continue to proliferate.

In particular, on the cuti with dandruff the Pityrosporum Ovalis fungus finds fertile ground which, due to its irritating action, contributes to the eroticization of the anomaly.

How to eliminate dandruff?

To eliminate dandruff, it is essential to choose treatments that contain active ingredients:

  • Soothing and regenerating (such as Jojoba Oil and Pistachio Oil), to give relief and help regenerate damaged tissues;
  • Antibacterials and anti-inflammatories (such as Tea Tree Oil), to break the vicious circle of irritation;
  • Antifungals (such as Zinc Piritione and Climbazole), to prevent the proliferation of fungi that cause dandruff:
  • Refreshments and decongestants (such as essential oils of Eucalyptus and Basil), to relieve itching and discomfort and prevent further irritation.

At the same time, the shampoo must use a mix of surfactants specific for the type of anomaly to be treated.

Fat dandruff and dry dandruff

It is essential to distinguish fat dandruff from dry dandruff to use the right remedy.

If the skin is seborrheic, a purifying astringent action (like that of the Purifying Astringent Vitlene Bath) will be needed, while if the skin is dry with dandruff the action must be purifying moisturizing ( Moisturizing Purifying Vitlene Bath ).

Often on the market, there are generically “anti-dandruff” products.

Nothing could be more wrong: treating dry dandruff with a product created for oily dandruff can be counterproductive.

To know precisely from the anomaly that affects our skin the advice is always to contact a hair professional such as a hairdresser.

In qualified salons, it is often possible to request an analysis of the skin with the use of a three-view monitor, a micro-camera that enlarges the skin and allows anomalies to be identified with great precision.

In any case, dandruff on the shoulders (which therefore comes off) is usually dry.

In this case, the skin is dry and the hair gets dirty after several days after washing. This type of anomaly could also be caused by too frequent washing with excessively aggressive shampoos.

On the other hand, oily dandruff does not come off and is typical of seborrheic cuti where the hair quickly gets dirty at the root, even a few hours after washing.

Dandruff remedies: how to get rid of dandruff with the right products

The key to the anti-dandruff remedies is to choose the right products, but also to use them correctly and continuously.

Here are our tips:

  • Apply the dandruff shampoo on the skin, preferably dry, so that the active ingredients have a better way of acting and the purifying action is facilitated. Only after a light skin massage can you proceed with washing by adding water.
  • Don’t worry about washing your hair too much or too little. There is no correct frequency rule, but there are the right products and wrong products. Once you find the right shampoo you can wash your hair as many times as you want.
  • Don’t try immediate miracle remedies: better to be patient for a few more weeks but have a delicate and respectful approach to the skin instead of trying aggressive treatments that can make the situation worse. The Treatments of the Galician Opificio Emiliano Corner are delicate but extremely effective.
  • Continuity is fundamental: both in the use of the specific shampoo for cleansing and in the use of a leave-in lotion on the skin that can continue to rebalance it over time. The tonic Dermonormalizzante Vitlene can do for you.

In this article, we talked about some dandruff remedies, but the advice is always to contact your trusted hairdresser for personalized advice.

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