Bleaching: how to lighten hair without damage

Bleaching: how to lighten hair without damage

How not to think of the blond that has always been in vogue or the pastel hues that are popular in the latest collections.

For those with dark hair to counteract the desire for change, there is the fear of seeing their hair ruined, dry and crinkled due to discoloration.

Below we explain how to bleach your hair without any risk.

Discoloration: how does it happen?

The discoloration is a treatment that removes the hair natural color, brightening of different tones depending on the starting point and the desired result.

The structure of the hair is changed when it is discolored and therefore becomes more fragile.

The discoloration is a delicate procedure: Whitener acts on melanin, the hair protein and oxidizes it. It makes it possible to lighten the hair but spoils it making it more porous and less elastic.

Bleach the hair with a quality product

If the need is to lighten the hair effectively and naturally (protecting the hair fiber), use a high-quality product.

Opificio Emiliano proposes Chiarissimo, the prodigious bleaching powder with Meyen’s Yeast that allows 9 tones of lightening, keeping the hair protected, bright and reinforced.

In addition to Meyen Yeast, it is enriched with a complex of sugars and amino acids with protective properties on the hair fiber without diminishing the lightening power.

The high level of lightening does not reduce the cosmetic efficiency on the hair: Chiarissimo is a safe and versatile product that can also be used freehand by the hairdresser.

For an excellent result we recommend:

  • use Chiarissimo inside the Galenico corner lightening: the technical service becomes part of the personalized beauty treatment. A cuddle for the hair that adds cosmeticità and sensoriality;
  • also, use specific products at homes such as the Promessa Colore Sublime or Promessa Ricostruzione line (see the Promessa line products )

With this article, we told you how to bleach your hair without worries … now you can play around.

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