Fluffy hair: how to give volume to flat hair

Fluffy hair: how to give volume to flat hair

Is your hair so fluffy that you can’t even straighten it with the best brush hair straightener? But there are some tricks that allow you to counteract the force of gravity that seems to always have the upper hand.

Here are some simple and effective solutions to give volume to hair even from the comfort of your home using DIY techniques.

Fluffy hair: cut and dyed

The thin and not very thick hair must be modeled with a scaled cut: the different lengths create movement and give volume.

It is important to contact a trusted hairdresser who can create a tailor-made cut for your face and hair type.

Another way to enrich and make the hair more effective is to use plays of color and reflections: movement and shades make it possible to prevent the hair from becoming too flat.

A solution can be given by lightening on the tips or temples that reinvigorate the appearance and help to give volume.

Dark dyes can help improve the appearance of hair, which therefore appears thicker thanks to the absorption of color by the hair fiber.

On the contrary, excessive lightening (or made with aggressive products) can damage the hair, worsening the situation.

Fluffy hair: the perfect fold

Here are some perfect techniques for having big hair :

  • With the diffuser: very useful to give volume, just dry the hair upside down using it with rotatory movements on the roots until the hair is dry and fluffy;
  • With classic or thermal rollers: they can be a valid solution for fine hair. Apply to damp hair after spreading a fixing mousse such as the Stamina Fixative Spuma;
  • By combing the hair: on the contrary, combing a lock with a narrow-toothed comb is a traditional method but also quite effective; remember that it is better not to do it on freshly washed hair;
  • With the plate: it can be used to make the hair slightly wavy. It is possible if it is slid over the lengths through a gentle rotary movement.

Obviously, there are other valid techniques such as the use of curling iron or making the fold with a hairdryer and brush.

The inevitable products for having voluminous hair

Do you want to give volume to your hair? If the dexterity is not your forte or you want to further amplify the effect of the fold, it is very useful to use products suitable for creating volume.

We are talking about treatments that are intended to give body to tone-free, fine hair that does not always hold the fold.

Some active ingredients that help give body to hair are, for example, cotton oil (which has elasticizing and restructuring power) and nettle extract (suitable for stimulating cell renewal and strengthening hair).

The products of the Promessa Volume line by Opificio Emiliano are an excellent solution: the Volumizing Bath it is a shampoo with body and volume effect and the Velo Volumizzante is a spray without rinsing, perfect for making hair vaporous and soft without weighing it down.

The products of the Stilene line can also be used to support the fold: for example, the Soffio Naturale and Soffio Intenso lacquers allow you to fix the hairstyle and keep the volume longer.

As you have seen, there is also the possibility of making the thinnest and weakest hair vaporous.

This is definitely good news, don’t you think?

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