Frizzy hair: remedies to make them go back very soft

Frizzy hair: remedies to make them go back very soft

Whoever coined the phrase “A devil for hair” surely had frizzy hair.

Managing frizzy hair is often very frustrating: you wake up in the morning with a bush over your head and just a little moisture to frustrate all your efforts.

Let’s discover together the main causes of frizzy and brittle hair. But above all let’s see what are the remedies for frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair: the causes

As always there is no single cause. Hair can be naturally frizzy, a characteristic common to most people with curly hair. The more curly the hair is, the more likely it is to be frizzy.

However, the hair can be frizzy because it has been abused. In fact, a hair that has a very damaged cuticle is a frizzy hair: difficult to untangle, opaque, does not hold the fold and “goes crazy” in the presence of moisture.

Physical stress, external agents and treatments

How is the cuticle damaged? Brush the hair with too much force, subject it to very frequent drying with hairdryer/iron/ very hot plates, not using suitable styling products can undoubtedly damage them.

Even the sun, salt, and chlorine are aggressive agents that dehydrate the hair and make it tend to be more frizzy.

And then there are treatments such as bleaching or permanent that affect the structure of the hair to change its color or shape, respectively.

These treatments must be done exclusively at qualified salons using the highest quality products.

Moreover – in case your hair is too weak or already damaged – the hairdresser will advise you against certain treatments.

What are the remedies for frizzy hair?

Hydration and protection are the watchwords.

As always, everything starts with a carefully chosen shampoo: if after washing your hair looks like a skein impossible to unravel, there is something wrong and the advice is to change shampoo.

Frizzy hair must be rehydrated already during cleansing.

It is essential to choose a shampoo rich in conditioning substances and suitable for hair that needs extra care.

We recommend Bagno Promessa Reconstruction of Opificio Emiliano, which contains Plant Stem Cells, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera, in addition to the powerful Meyen Yeast.

Attention also to how to use the shampoo: remember to distribute a little product in five / six points on the skin, add water and gently emulsify.

The first washing phase must involve only the skin, therefore after having exercised a light massage it is possible to rinse.

Repeat the shampoo application on the skin. This time, when we emulsify, we will also involve lengths with extreme delicacy.

After a good rinse, remove excess water and proceed with the application of the mask, but be careful: it is forbidden to comb the hair before leaving it to act.

It is important to choose a rich and moisturizing mask, such as Flan Promessa Reconstruction of Opificio Emiliano, distribute it by strand by applying a light massage and leave it to act for at least five minutes.

Only now can you comb your hair, always choosing a wide-toothed comb. Start from the tips going up towards the root, so as not to remove the Flan from the hair.

Rinse, dry your hair with the towel and never forget to apply leave-in products (ie without rinsing) which are really an indispensable remedy for dry hair.

Frizzy hair must also be protected

If during the washing and conditioning phase we were able to restore hydration and softness to the hair, it is essential to protect them to keep the result achieved.

Go ahead then to oils (like Olio Promessa Color Sublime for colored hair and Illuminating Oil Meyen Yeast for all types of hair) and styling products with high nourishing power such as Silene Latte Ravviva Ricci or Infusion Lisciante.

In this article, we have explained to you how to take care of frizzy hair, but the best advice can give you your trusted hairdresser who will be able to assess the degree of dehydration or damage to your hair.

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