How dry your hair correctly

How dry your hair correctly

Want to straighten hair but do not know what kind of iron you need? Flat curling wand or another one? Which one to choose? I understand perfectly. And so we have made a selection of the best curling irons according to your hair type and styling possibilities they offer. Keep reading!

Curling irons: the secret to getting the wave you are looking for

Every time you see the celebrities can not help but wonder what their secret to wearing your hair always perfect. And go to show off those curls as defined in the red carpets to a surfer wave desenfadadas the next day. True, the team of stylists behind a lot to do. 

But we have good news. You also can get the kind of curl you want to shape your hair using a single tool: tweezers.  Here is a selection to help you find the model that will get the kind of curl and hairstyle for curly hair you want. 

The universal choice: Classic Curl Curve curling Tong, GHD

There is a reason that this GHD iron (179.45 €) has a cult following. Its shape allows you to create long-lasting curls defined even on short hair at a safe temperature that does not damage the hair.

It also has a ceramic coating that prevents frizzing.

Spiral curls: curling Curlipops Bed Head 1 “Spiral

These curling Bed Head (€ 21,60) shaped corkscrew is the key to small spiral-shaped curls that can withstand all day. Also, it reduces frizz and includes a protective glove to spare burns.

Hair volume: Curler Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25 “

If your hair has a lot of sizes, curling Dry Bar (169.27 €) with rotating handle will make it much easier to define your curls.

To smooth hair: curling Relief Revlon Curl Collection Non-Slip

If you have straight hair, you know that tends to slip between the pincers. This curler Revlon (€ 25.17) will help you tame your hair thanks to its bar embossed to prevent slipping curls while stationary.

By corrugated: tenacious of Beachweaver Pro

Whether you want to strengthen your natural hair waves like looking perfect a casual surfer look, the curling Beachwaver (172.74 €) is your best bet. With the touch of a button, they will rotate in both directions ruffling your hair instantly. Something is the secret of the surfing waves of Victoria’s Secret models.

Rizos definidos: tenacious Hot Tools 3/8″ Professional Hair

If you want to get a very defined curl or improve the natural texture of your hair, these beautiful curling Hot Tools (€ 23.83) will help you define each curl strand by strand.

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