How to moisturize your hair: remedies to make them shiny and soft

How to moisturize your hair: remedies to make them shiny and soft

The sensation of dry hair can be caused by a poor production of sebum by the sebaceous glands on the skin.

It may seem strange but sebum is actually essential both for protecting the skin and the hair: in fact sebum creates a film around the hair that isolates it from aggressive external agents.

When the sebaceous gland does not produce enough sebum (a very common condition in menopausal women) the hair appears more dry from the root and obviously is more prone to damage.

External agents can cause the dehydration of our hair : the sun, pollution, salt or chlorine, among these.

Even the washing with detergents that are too aggressive and the excessive use of hair dryers / plates / irons at high temperatures can help make the hair very dry on the lengths and ends (generally they look like fat at the root).

Let’s find out how to take care of your hair in order to hydrate them as much as possible.

How to moisturize your hair and prevent dehydration

It is essential to protect the hair from external causes of dehydration.

It is always necessary to use leave-in conditioning products , ie without rinsing, which create a protective film on the hair. Our Promessa Frost Reconstruction hydrates and protects thanks to UV filters (see the Promise Line page ).

He also tries to expose the hair as little as possible to the direct rays of the sun.

In the summer season, ride the latest fashion and wear headscarves around your head: you’ll be very chic and your hair will be protected.

If, on the other hand, you can’t do without the perfect fold even in summer, never forget to apply a styling product with moisturizing and antioxidant components before using a hair dryer / straighteners / irons.

The Foam fixative Stilene such Meyen contains Yeast Extract, Bamboo and Raspberry and Olive Oil.

Dry hair: remedies

How to nourish hair if it is already dry? How to give them back the lost hydration?

First of all, always using only quality products to wash and condition them.

Often the cheapest products dedicated to dry hair give a good result immediately, but in the long run make the hair fiber even drier.

This is because they are rich in filming agents that seal the outside of the hair, but do not have really moisturizing components that bring nourishment to the hair fiber.

A good remedy for dry hair must first of all contain active nutrients.

The yeast Meyen , “magic” ingredient Opificio Emiliano, thanks to its content of protein, B vitamins and trace elements, strengthens and regenerates the hair fiber.

When care at home is not enough and the hair is always dry it is time to contact your trusted hairdresser.

In these cases the timeliness of intervention is fundamental because with the right treatments it is possible to restore hydration to a dry hair.

If the hair is severely damaged, it is more difficult to prevent the infamous “scissors wrap”.

In the salon, thanks to the Galenico Corner dedicated to lengths, the hairdresser can prepare a specific mask for the necessary degree of hydration.

There are several “recipes” and the hairdresser will develop the one that best suits your specific needs.

In this article we have given you some advice on how to moisturize hair that has lost shine.

We have understood that thanks to greater hydration they will return to being shiny and soft: it will be enough to pay a little attention and care with quality products.

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