Long hair: how to care for it and prevent it from getting damaged

Long hair: how to care for it and prevent it from getting damaged

Having long and beautiful hair is the desire of many of us, who as children loved the thick and bright hair of the Disney princesses. Certainly keeping Rapunzel long hair beautiful and healthy is something very challenging.

Here are some tips for you.

Long hair: how to care for them without making mistakes

It might seem strange but the first rule for having beautiful long hair is to cut them.

In fact, even the simplest and “straight” hair needs a cut every 50/60 days.

The cut is used to promote hair regeneration and to maintain the appearance in order.

Sometimes it is not just a jolt to eliminate damaged tips: the best solution is often a restyling to avoid lengths to become flat, restoring even the most suitable proportions to the face.

The long hair should not be brushed with great frequency as you think. In reality, the blood does not circulate on the lengths but in the skin. To stimulate the nervous points it is advisable to stimulate it with manual massages during and after washing.

After washing your hair it is important not to stick it with too aggressive drying.

You have to dab the lengths with a towel to remove excess water.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the fabric of the towel: better microfiber or even a cotton t-shirt than the terry towels that tend to dry out the hair and make it electric.

For drying we recommend the hairdryer on wet hair; the plate is used only when they are dry to avoid dehydrating the strands instantly (the smoke that sometimes propagates is not a good sign) ruining the hair and making the fold less durable.

The most suitable products for long hair

All the rules described so far are very useful but the truth is that to maintain healthy lengths you need to keep them hydrated.

Cleansing in the shower is important, with the application of a mask after shampooing.

Replacing the use of balm which is a light and fast product, with a mask gives greater guarantees of nourishment and revitalization of lengths.

In the case of long hair that is particularly brittle and damaged, we recommend the Flan of the Promessa Reconstruction line which, combined with the Rebuilding Promise Bath and the Rebuilding Foam, guarantees an excellent reparative effect on the tips and gives new lymph.

But not only: in the case of frequent washing it is important to respect the structure of the hair and use products designed specifically as Meyen’s Yeast Line which moisturizes and illuminates both skin and lengths.

For drying, which as we have seen is a delicate phase, choose Stilene products to protect the hair from atmospheric agents and keep the hair fiber moisturized.

In this post, we saw how to have perfect long hair.

Follow our advice: we are sure that the result will be wonderful!

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