Not brewer’s yeast but Meyen’s yeast for nourished and beautiful hair

Not brewer’s yeast but Meyen’s yeast for nourished and beautiful hair

You will have heard of brewer’s yeast as an indispensable ingredient for many delicious preparations of baked goods.

But the properties of brewer’s yeast are not limited to this. In fact, in recent years, various yeast-based dietary supplements have come on the market that brings benefits to the heart, intestine, skin, and hair.

We’ll talk about it in this article.

Brewer’s yeast: a bit of history

Brewer’s yeast consists of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Meyen, a single-celled organism belonging to the class of fungi.

The discovery and definition of this microorganism date back to the 19th century, by Franz Meyen, a German biologist and botanist.

The reference to beer in the name is given by the large quantity of yeast that can be obtained from the fermenting beer (also present on some vegetables).

Traditionally it is known for its leavening action, which has made it famous for the preparation of bakery products, but in the food sector, it is also used to make beer, wine, and other spirits.

Brewer’s yeast: benefits on hair and skin

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae is rich in active ingredients that make it powerful and useful for the care of skin and hair.

In particular:

  • Proteins that repair, protect and give elasticity;
  • Group B vitamins: they have an anti-fall effect, slow white hair appearance and are regenerating;
  • Trace elements: anti-fall effect, help the formation of keratin and are sebum normalizing.

Despite all these fantastic properties, its use in cosmetics is limited and only oral intake is expected.

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae is, in fact, a fungus and it is difficult to extract the active ingredients and make them compatible with a cosmetic formulation.

The difference between brewer’s yeast and Meyen’s yeast

The research of the Opificio Emiliano laboratories allowed to extract, with complex technology, the characteristic elements of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and made them available for cosmetic use for hair.

The extraction process gives new life to this ingredient that becomes Meyen Yeast, with a name inspired by its creator.

This yeast, perfect for cosmetic use, was registered by Opificio Emiliano which has exclusive use and is today the basis of all the brand’s products.

Meyen’s yeast is also dedicated to the first Meyen line, suitable for all types of hair with an active illuminating effect on both the skin and the lengths.

The choice to insert Meyen’s Yeast also in all the other formulas is dictated by the desire to enrich the offer with a truly unique and surprising ingredient.

With this article, we told you how science can help our hair health.

Enjoy all the benefits of our research and test the effects of Meyen Yeast.

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