Scalp cleansing: why is it important?

Scalp cleansing: why is it important?

The causes that can dirty and irritate the skin range from the accumulation of sebum, sweat, atmospheric pollution to products used for hair care, almost always not suitable or of poor quality.

It is therefore important to clean the scalp to remove accumulated residues and improve the health of the hair.

Here’s how.

Why is it necessary to clean the scalp?

The lifestyle, nutrition, stress and environmental factors (pollution) are undoubtedly affecting the health of the skin.

In the long run these factors can make oily or otherwise dry hair with dandruff.

An unhealthy scalp can be sore enough to force you to wash your hair frequently, creating a lot of trouble.

For each type of problem, it is necessary to proceed with a specific cure that will make the skin “breathe”, making the hair bright and healthy.

It is therefore important to scrub the scalp using appropriate treatments.

Scalp cleaning in the salon

Opificio Emiliano offers customized treatments in the salon for every problem of the scalp .

The treatment consists of a soothing mud and a specific elixir for the need that emerged during the analysis of the skin.

Mud is the basis of the skin pack.

In its formulation, there are natural and vegetable ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Meyen Yeast.

Its function is to rebalance and repair the tissues bringing them back to the normal degree of hydration and elasticity.

Can be used in combination with specific skin elixirs:

  • Detoxifying Elixir: concentrate for intoxicated, tense or painful skin. Performs a detoxifying action very useful in seasonal changes;
  • Greasy skin elixir: concentrated astringent and sebum-regulating. It is ideal for hair that gets dirty easily and skin is prone to itching;
  • Elixir oily skin and dandruff: purifying and astringent concentrate. Promotes the delicate removal of oily dandruff and prevents its reappearance;
  • Elixir dry skin and dandruff: purifying and moisturizing concentrate. It favors the delicate removal of dandruff from the scalp without drying.

Continue at home with the care of your skin

The treatment carried out in the salon, to last longer, must be accompanied by repeated actions at home, especially in the case of chronic or particularly obvious anomalies.

Depending on the intensity of the problem, an appropriate cleansing program must be established.

The bathrooms for the cute Opificio Emiliano of the Vitlene line meet different needs:

  • Astringent Purifying Bath for oily scalp with dandruff;
  • Moisturizing Purifying Bath for dry skin with dandruff;
  • Balancing Bath has a dual function for oily scalp and dry hair

Always apply specific shampoos for skin abnormalities to dry skin. Let them work for a few minutes with a light massage. Only after you add water and proceed to normal cleansing. In this way, the active ingredients present (in particular the very precious Essential Oils) can be conveyed on the skin.

Always apply a skin lotion without rinsing that can exert its normalizing action over time.

We recommend for example the Dermonormalizing Tonic, which plays an important reinforcing action on the hair.

We would like to tell you that skin anomalies must be treated with method and continuity. The opinion of an expert like your trusted hairdresser is indispensable. Not allowed to improvise.

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