Shiny and soft hair? Here are our tips

Shiny and soft hair? Here are our tips

All the stars feature bright, well-groomed, never dull hair. They have an almost hypnotic effect due to their beauty.

However, it often happens that our hair appears to be off. How to intervene to improve its appearance? We explain it to you in this article.

How to have shiny hair

Follow a good diet

It is the most effective way to bring fundamental elements to your hair. Foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin B5 should not be missing. Highly recommended: vegetables, legumes, milk, fruit, and fish.

Watch out for too hot water

During washing, it is best to use warm water and not hot water because it tends to dull the hair. In the case where the running water has a high limestone content, the advice is to do the last rinse with mineral water.

Do not brush your hair too much

Brushing your hair too frequently or with excessive energy can damage it. The brushes and combs must have natural bristles or wide wooden teeth so as not to be too aggressive.

Let yourself be influenced by the products you have at home

Creating DIY wraps is possible by choosing common ingredients.

The most famous regards the apple vinegar: 2 or 3 tablespoons are recommended before the last rinse and in addition a drop of lemon to release the smell more quickly.

It is an excellent solution to make the hair softer and shiny but the effect is not very durable.

The indispensable products for shiny and soft hair

The tricks seem so far alone are not enough to radically change the shine of the foliage.

It is essential that the washing and pre-fold products respect the pH of the hair and contain active ingredients that perform an illuminating function.

Let’s go with order:

  • The ingredients of the selected products define their quality and usefulness for the purpose we want to achieve. For shiny hair, you need principles that perform an illuminating action such as Meyen yeast and antioxidants such as raspberry extract and apricot extract.
  • The choice of shampoo is important: it must be suitable for the type of hair and the frequency of washing (if it is too aggressive and is often used it risks reducing the film to protect the hair). A product suitable for frequent washing and dull hair is the Illuminating Bath of Meyen’s Lievito line.
  • Products pre-fold and no-rinse (to leave): allow users to increase the level of a gloss of the hair. This includes oils and styling products. For example, the Illuminating Oil of the Meyen Yeast line gives silkiness, softness, and brightness to the hair without weighing it down.

The lacquers must contain high-quality fruit alcohol to prevent the hair from becoming dry due to the evaporation of the water contained in the stems. The Silene line offers an alternative for any desired look.

The tricks and tips on bright hair are many: all you have to do is start acting and the results will be guaranteed.

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